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RoboCupJunior SoccerSim World Championship 2022

RoboCupJunior World Championship 2022 will be held in July in Bangkok, Thailand. After last year’s success, we would like to continue with the organization of the SoccerSim challenge this year as well. The competition will be held virtually, but in an "offline" mode this time, since most of the committee members will be located at the physical RCJ in Bangkok.

Competition overview

SoccerSim challenge this year includes:

  • Simulation of matches
  • Presentation of team description papers
  • Solving Technical Challenges.

As usual, teams will be asked to submit the code of their robot players. We have frozen the rcj-soccersim software which is available as a tagged release at our GitHub. This release will be used for simulating the matches.

In order to spread the knowledge, we ask teams to provide team description papers. These might contain descriptions of team members’ roles, various approaches you have tried while implementing the code for simulated robots as well as anything you consider worth mentioning. For inspiration, feel free to check last year's papers out!

There will be at most two technical challenges. rcj-soccersim software will be updated appropriately for these challenges. There will be several days reserved for you to implement your solution and submit a recorded video. The committee will then review it and evaluate each team on a rubric.


The rules are based on the regular RoboCupJunior Soccer rules, adapted to the simulation environment.

You can find them at GitHub

Note: The rules haven't changed much from the last year. Perhaps the most important changes include the change of the world's coordinate system and removal of exact GPS coordinates of the ball. Robots are now forced to sense the ball using IR sesnsors. We encourage you to check out the sample Robot controllers as well as the Webots documentation.


We now have two full fledged documentation articles that can help you get started programming your robots:

If you feel like there is something missing in the documentation, do not hesitate to suggest a change -- Pull Requests are very much welcome!


Unless otherwise specified, all dates use the Anywhere on Earth timezone

  • June 15th: Open Tournament Registration Form
  • Tournament Registration Deadline
    • Extended to July 1st
  • Tournament Submission Deadline
    • Extended to July 12th
    • You will receive account credentials for submitting your code
  • July 4th: Technical Challenge 1 & 2 Handout
  • July 15th: Challenge 1 & 2 Deadline
  • July 16th: Team Description Paper Deadline
  • July 17th .. 20th: Publishing Tournament Results
  • July 26th: Publishing Solutions of Challenge 1 & 2 as Videos on the Forum


Registration form:

Team description paper upload form

Upload you papers at

Technical challenges

Upload your videos at